Anti-Fatigue Cream


An excellent product that helps stimulate the skin microcirculation of the feet and legs, eliminating the stagnation of liquids and mitigating the pain caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.It is very effective in reducing muscle tension, favoring the recovery of performance after sports.


Sweet Almond Oil and Hemp Oil in synergy with Shea Butter and Thiaré Oil, exert an emollient action and deeply nourish the skin in order to promote a beneficial and immediate feeling of relief.

Mentha Piperita essential oil gives the legs an intense and lasting sensation of freshness and lightness.

Bio Sport Anti-Fatigue Cream is a valid help to fight the signs of swelling, tiredness and fatigue of the legs and feet and against the muscle tension that accumulates after sporting activity as it promotes an effective and fast recovery of performance.

100ml Pack

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