Hand and Nail Cream


Deeply moisturizes the skin protecting it against unfavorable external agents. Its rich vegetable oils make it a soft and easily absorbed cream thanks to the synergy of Hemp oil that provides deep hydration. It has an intense moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant action.

Rich formula.



Nourishing and easily absorbed cream, it gives hands and nails deep hydration, protecting them from stress factors such as cold, water or aggressive substances.

The product we are reviewing is a protective hand cream. It is a soft conditioner that is quickly absorbed and rich in vegetable oils. Thanks to red grape extracts, which are rich in polyphenols, the cream makes the epidermis dynamic, improves oxygen consumption, stimulates cell renewal and gives brightness and softness. In addition, thanks to almond oil and shea butter, this product makes the skin more elastic and strengthens fragile nails. Finally, the olive and hemp oil give the skin a deep hydration.

50ml Pack

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