Diesel Tonic


CBD: 11,24% | THC: 0,45%

CBD: 11,24%    |    THC: 0,45%

This variety is outstanding for the high CBD rate. Used for treating humor diseases, pain, inflammation and it is also energizing and uplifting. Its scent remember of red fruits and especially strawberry with sugar notes.



We are in front of one of the highest therapeutic rate Cannabis with a good and stimulating effect that lead to a sensation of lucidity with a mix of rich and articulated taste.

A flower with a not big dimension of a light green colour with amber pistils rich of natural terpenes. Its flower-tops are full of diamond shining trichomes.

  • Greenhouse grown product.
  • Forbidden sale under 18 years old.
  • It’s not a food or pharmaceutical product.
  • 100% seedless Cannabis Sativa Light Flower.
  • Product for exclusive use by Law 242/16 with no dope effect.

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