Restructuring Shampoo


This natural lotion with hemp oil and olive oil is the right intensive treatment for hair that is stressed and damaged by aggressive treatments, giving it shine and elasticity.


The Restructuring Shampoo is an intensive treatment, specific for stressed, treated, fragile hair, it is a strengthening and protective product. Thanks to the rich vegetable and marine extracts, it gently cleanses restoring vigor, vitality and light.

Hemp sativa seed oil is a precious nutrient which in association with rice proteins, sweet almond oil and chlorella seaweed extract, enhances its balancing, protective and antioxidant properties. The hair is wrapped in a repairing, nourishing sheath that prevents dehydration and loss of color and elasticity. Aloe and Linden reduce irritation and redness, purifying the skin in depth, while the mix of Ginseng and Hypericum, stimulating and toning, make hair stronger and more resistant to stress caused by unfavorable external agents.

200ml Pack

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