Rossmary, a brave farm based in Sanremo.

Born in 2018, Rossmary, the brave farm based in Sanremo and working on Light Cannabis branch, contains in its name the one of mum Rossella. Rossmary is actually an highly professional farm, giving job to more than 10 employees; its founder Fabio Cavicchia together with his associates gave life to a team of professionals and veterans in floriculture, who specialized in high quality bio-sustainable hemp growing, 100% bio-natural. The microclimate in the City of Flowers (Sanremo is known like this) has made possible the cultivation of special aromatic varieties growing only in Sanremo.

Rossmary, promoting Ecology and Wellness for customers and Ligurian territory.

Rossmary’s mission is wellness, both the one of customers to whom it offers a Light Cannabis product with very high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, while fully respecting the legislation on THC (less than 0.2% – 0.5%), and environmental well-being: Rossmary has actually recovered and reclaimed abandoned lands on the hill behind Sanremo, San Bartolomeo and, thanks to the favorable climate of the city and the peculiar position of these lands of the Western Riviera (Riviera di Ponente), has adopted a model of organic cultivation courageously respectful of Nature, which implements the regeneration of the soil thanks to the purifying talent of phytoextractor of the same cannabis, able of disposing any contaminants and promoting soil fertility.

An adventure in wellness, the one of Rossmary, thanks to the special ‘recipes’ created by the company to naturally nourish the plants that grow protected in glass greenhouse, and which can express their maximum potential in absence of chemicals: for them just vitamins, enzymes, shrooms and bacteria!

Strict controls for a quality product.

In naturalness also the collection and processing of Light Cannabis flowers, handmade; the curing, that is the seasoning, takes place slowly, respecting the necessary time to best preserve all the properties of the flower: a set of virtuous agricultural practices that make Rossmary is a leading manufacturer in the sector, able of maintaining stable both the very high standard and the unique quality of its kind, and the continuity of the production of light hemp..

It is also important to know how the product is stored in hermetically thermo-insulated barrels, and how meticulous are the controls on humidity, regulated and maintained at optimal levels. For this reason, the ordered goods can be delivered while keeping their quality unaltered, traveling in sealed packages and with professional humidity regulators. Each genetics mentioned in the sale have been analyzed,the percentage value of Cannabis Sativa of each one is in compliance with the legal regulations in force in Italy.

The company is also opened to the online market thanks to the ecommerce platform, where you can find in addition to the various kind of flowers, even the products of the cosmetic line based on organic Sativa hemp oil.