New York Skunk

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CBD: 8,04% | THC: 0,32%

CBD: 8,04%    |    THC: 0,32%

A delicous and pungent smell of diesel and grapefruit, an unmistkable aroma that melts together giving life a unique hit kind, that makes it one of the most coveted and searched qulities on the market.



The origins of his name is quite curious: Skunk is an another English term for polecat, due to the characteristic pungent, persistent and incomparable smell. Born in the 80s is a real icon between the most widespread strain worldwide, it remains a true myth. It shows up with medium dimensions flower and red pistils, rich of resin and terpenes.

  • Greenhouse grown product.
  • Forbidden sale under 18 years old.
  • It’s not a food or pharmaceutical product.
  • 100% seedless Cannabis Sativa Light Flower.
  • Product for exclusive use by Law 242/16 with no dope effect.


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