Purple Haze


CBD: 6,40% | THC: 0,27%

CBD: 6,40%    |   THC: 0,27%

Purple Haze is known for its distinctive purple and lilac tones, which create a visually appealing appearance. Talking about the description of a Purple Haze light cannabis bud, we could say that it often comes with compact and resinous buds, with a coverage of white and crystalline trichomes. The pistils are often of contrasting colors, such as orange or red, creating a pleasant color combination with the dominant purple tones. The aroma can be intense and floral, with sweet and earthy notes, while the taste can vary from fruity to woody, with an earthy nuance. The sensation should provide a relaxing and calming effect, ideal for relaxing without compromising mental clarity.



Buy the best cannabis light Purple online from a reliable dealer. Purple buds are characterized by distinctive purple tones and crystalline trichomes. Enjoy a floral aroma and fruity taste with an earthy touch. Experience a soothing and relaxing effect without compromising your mental clarity. Buy now for a premium drinking experience.

  • A product grown in greenhouses
  • Prohibited the sale to children under 18 YEARS
  • Not a food or pharmaceutical product
  • 100% Light Sativa Cannabis Inflorescence
  • Product exclusively for uses permitted by the law 242/2016 without doping efficacy.

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