Bud Economy


CBD: 7,19% | THC: 0,30%

They are actually smaller if compared to the buds sold by the gram, but their cannabinoids levels remain always the same. A remarkable benefit of our Bud Economy is the awesome value for money.

Available in all the different Light Cannabis varieties in catalog, with the same features and effectiveness of the Big Buds.

Take advantage of this offer and judge by yourself!!!



Bud Economy is a product obtained after an accurate selection of Light Cannabis flowers, which consist in the division of the buds in different calibrations. These buds, of reduced dimensions, are less attractive at first sight but their scent and features remain unaltered.

  • Greenhouse grown product.
  • Forbidden sale under 18 years old.
  • It’s not a food or pharmaceutical product.
  • 100% seedless Cannabis Sativa Light Flower.
  • Product for exclusive use by Law 242/16 with no dope effect.

Box of 10gr

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