CBD: 14,89% | THC: 0,59%

CBD: 14,89%    |    THC: 0,59%

Tangietonic, perfect for those who love a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, this product releases appetizing notes of lime and is characterized by a citrus aroma that leaves an intense and enveloping aftertaste. Particular for its conical shaped top, it is covered by trichomes present along its entire length. Its typical light green colour is occasionally interrupted by pistils that give particular orange shades.



This inimitable CBD Flower is a top quality under every aspect The flower-top has a conic shape really peculiar and is covered by visible trichomes all over his length of a light green colour with orange fades. The produced effect will be very relaxing and full of pleasant sensations with a very intense and surrounding taste. An absolute news to try for the real Light Cannabis tasters.

  • Greenhouse grown product.
  • Forbidden sale under 18 years old.
  • It’s not a food or pharmaceutical product.
  • 100% seedless Cannabis Sativa Light Flower.
  • Product for exclusive use by Law 242/16 with no dope effect.


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